This page contains a variety of free quilt patterns and templates. The templates come in two forms: a webpage and a printable Adobe Acrobat .pdf file. You can print straight from the webpage but the .pdf file is designed specifically for printing (it gives great control and better printing results). These quilt designs are for non-profit use.

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Template 1 - Applique Goddess Quilt

This quilt is appliqued with a variety of Goddess patterns. There are several coloursways and design options offered.

Download Template 1 - .pdf file. (544k) or webpage.

Template 2 - Cresent Moon Goddess Lap Quilt

A quilt that depicts variousMoon Goddesses from mythology.

Download Template 2 - .pdf file. (523k) or webpage.

Template 3 - Greenman Quilt

This quilt honours the Greenman, protector of the Forest and Guardian of the Green.

Download Template 3 - .pdf file. (537k) or webpage.

Template 4 - Starry, Starry Night

This quilt is for all those star block swappers, who need a pattern to incorporate all those different star blocks.

Download Template 4 - .pdf file. (120k) or webpage.

Template 5- Heroes and Monsters

This quilt is inspired by the TV show, "Buffy - The Vampire Slayer". The Star block represents the "Heroes" of the show, while the spikey block represents the "Monsters".

Download Template 5 - EQ4 Project - buffy.pj4 (86k)

Template 6 - Buttercup Wreath

This quilt is part of my current interest in yellow. I also have a growing collection of 1930's reproduction prints that this quilt would be perfect for.

Download Template 6 - EQ4 Project - buttercup_wreath.pj4 (190k)

Template 7- Witchbonnet Sue

Sunbonnet Sue is a favourite, but people are always looking for new angles for her. Here is a Halloween/Quiltmaker magazine inspired quilt starring Sunbonnet Sues cousin, Witchbonnet Sue!

Download Template 7 - EQ4 Project - witchbonnet_sue.pj4 (194k)

Template 8 - Cockatoo Star

This quilt was inspired by a similar quilt that depicted a bald eagle. I decided to make an Australian version - so we have a Cockatoo Star!

Download Template 8 - EQ4 Project - cockatoo_star.pj4 (34k)

Template 9 - Dad's Amish Inspired

I made this quilt for my Dad. I think the black and grey works well with the brighter "star" blocks. Quite a good "man" quilt. The quilting design in the plain grey blocks could reflect an interest or hobby?

Download Template 9 - EQ4 Project - dad_amish_inspired.pj4 (20k)

Template 10 - Karen's Wedding Quilt

I made this quilt for an old school friend for her wedding. However, I didn't applique it. Instead I used the applique patterns as quilt templates. Each block was quilted using stem stitch and embroidery thread (2 strands) instead of quilting thread. The colours of the applique pieces indicate which colour was used. See Renees Baby Quilt for example of this style.

Download Template 10- EQ4 Project - karen_wedding_quilt.pj4 (53k)

All quilts copyrighted to Michelle Watson.

Page Updated 8th Sept, 2000