Screen Capture - RuneMaster

RuneMaster are an Australian company, producing a range of Celtic and Nordic jewellery. This site includes a full, visual catalogue.

Screen Capture - Newcastle Uni Union
Newcastle University Union

The University of Newcastle Union, as part of an overall strategy to improve student access to the Internet, established a presence on WWW with this site.


Goddess House

Goddess House is an Australian owned and operated business that produces a large variety of figurines and plaques, all are handsculpted. They are solid earthenware pottery, and are packaged in attractive, environmentally responsible boxes, each with a small bookmark with information about the Goddess represented.

Screen Capture - Graduate School of Business
Graduate School of Business

The GSB offers a wide range of post-graduate business courses to both local and overseas students. The web site contains enrollment, subject and student information.

Screen Capture - Asia Pacific Centre
Asia Pacific Centre

The Asia Pacific Centre for Human Resource and Development Studies includes a complete online journal, Human Resource Development Outlook, which contains papers. There are also other working papers, and consultant biographies.

Screen Capture - Accounting Research Journal Accounting Research Journal

The Accounting Research Journal lists contact, editorial and contents information for this print journal.

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